stoba Customized Machinery ECM system

Machine solutions from standard to customized to all-in-one

The stoba portfolio comprises a range of machines for electrochemical machining optimized to meet the customer’s requirements. From compact entry-level models to modular production systems and fully automated complete solutions, stoba implements customer-specific concepts.

ECM machines

  • Compact solution with a very small footprint
  • Attractive entry-level variant suitable for small unit volumes
  • Ergonomic and clear operating concept
  • Machining area D x W: 600 x 1050 mm
  • Generator: Up to 600 A at 58 V (with or without pulse function)
  • Controller: Siemens
alpha basic – The attractive entry-level model for the world of ECM deburring technology

alpha basic product flyer

  • Modular machine concept – can be automated
  • Variants adapted to requirements
  • Manually operable or automation from all three sides
  • Machining area D x W: 1050 x 1050 mm
  • Generator: up to 1200 A at 58 V (with or without pulse function)
  • Controller: Siemens
alpha mono – The flexible all-rounder for electrolytic deburring and machining

alpha mono product flyer

  • Flexible machine solution for a variety of tasks
  • Possible with one or two machining areas
  • Outstanding suitability for large and long components
  • Manually operable or adaptable automation solutions
  • Generator: up to 3,000 A at 58 V (with or without pulse function)
  • Controller: Siemens
alpha duo – The dual station solution for the reduction of nonproductive time when deburring and machining

alpha duo product flyer

  • System comprised of proven standard modules
  • Expansion levels based on the production volume
  • Achievement of economical cycle times
  • Layout adapted to space conditions
  • Integrated process chain of infeed, ECM, cleaning, drying and removal
  • Process integration and support from a single source
alpha series automated – stoba ECM systems with adapted automation solutions for multi-shift operations

alpha series automated product flyer

  • Effective even with small unit volumes, e.g. large pump housing from the oil and gas industry
  • Precise deburring results with high repeat accuracy
  • CAD/CAM-assisted ECM processing strategy
  • Integrated cathode changer for executing various deburring tasks
  • Determination of the workpiece zero point via the 3D scanning system, e.g. Renishaw OMP 40
  • Generator: up to 3,000 A at 58 V (with or without pulse function)
delta 3D-ECM – CAM-assisted 6-axis robot for cost-effective ECM deburring tasks, e.g. for hydraulic blocks

delta 3D-ECM product flyer

PECM sinking machines

  • Suitable for machining of high-precision shapes
  • NC-controlled precision machining axis with integrated mechanical oscillation
  • Granite machine construction
  • Zero-point clamping system as interface for cathode holder
  • Generator: up to 2,000 A at 15 V DC with integrated pulse function
  • Controller: Siemens
sigma PECM machining system – The precise machining system for high reproduction accuracy with optimal surface quality

sigma PECM machining system product flyer

ECM / PECM Customized machinery

  • Graphic of the entire process chain in a compact space
  • Integrated pallet conveyor with 11 workpiece positions
  • The pallet moves from processing station to processing station
  • Reduced workload for operating staff
  • Process integration and support from a single source
  • Controller: Siemens
beta semi-automatic – The cell solution for integrated such as ECM deburring, machining, cleaning, drying, conserving

beta semi-automatic product flyer

The fully automated system solution for high-production ECM and PECM processing with integrated processes such as handling, measurement technology, cleaning technology, drying, marking and labelling 

  • Central workpiece infeed and output
  • High-production system solution with up to 14 deburring stations
  • Integration of PECM machining possible
  • Modular design with the option of incremental expansion
  • Achievement of economical cycle times
  • Process integration and support from a single source
  • Controller: Siemens
beta system solutions – The top of the line all-in-one concept

beta system solutions product flyer


  • Adaptable or integrated handling solutions (direct handling or pallet)
  • Loading and unloading systems, re-stacking cells or system chains
  • Efficient robot and portal solutions with additional modules such as cleaning, measurement or brushing
  • Customer-specific solutions to achieve maximum productivity and flexibility
  • Variable expansion options in case of unit volume increases
  • Expertise in programming various robot systems, e.g. Stäubli, Fanuc, Kuka, etc.
stoba handling systems – Efficiently increasing productivity and process reliability

stoba handling systems product flyer

Cleaning Technology

  • Suitable for processes such as pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, conserving and drying
  • Water-based mobile or stationary multi-chamber cleaning systems
  • Standardized or customer-specific solutions adapted to the needs of the customer
  • Manual and fully automated concepts
  • Subsequent extension and expansion possible
  • Low operating costs with high availability
  • Combinale with stoba ECM/PECM machine
  • Control system: SIEMENS
epsilon – Many years of expertise in system design for industrial cleaning technology

epsilon cleaning machine product flyer

  • Fully automated multi-chamber rotary table machine, customized configuration
  • Applicable for high-level cleanliness requirements
  • 4 to 8 chambers/tanks (Spray and flood cleaning, blowing with compressed air, hot air and vacuum drying)
  • Clean room compatibility
  • Full process control: pressure, flow and temperature control, pH and conductivity measurement
  • Specific cleaning of serial production parts
  • Combinale with stoba ECM/PECM machine
  • Control system: SIEMENS

omega fine-cleaning machine product flyer

CNC 5-axis milling center

  • Small, compact machine design with 1 m2 footprint
  • State-of-the-art 5-axis machine kinematics with HF milling spindle up to 100,000 rpm
  • Integrated extraction for processing dust-producing materials such as graphite and ceramic
  • Max. processable workpiece size 100 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Manually operable or with automation
  • Modern machine controller from the Beckhoff company
MultiMill 5x – The 5-axis milling concept for a range of different applications such as milling, grinding, drilling and engraving

MultiMill 5x product flyer

  • Suitable for high-precision applications such as watchmaking, optics, micro-technology and medical technology
  • Available with 2 Z axes for placement of 2 different milling spindle types, e.g. coarse machining and fine machining with spindle speeds of up to 90,000 rpm
  • State-of-the-art 5-axis kinematics with linear technology and highly dynamic torque technology
  • Cooling of all heat-emitting elements to prevent temperature drifts
  • Additional equipment options such as tool measurement with laser technology, 3D scanning systems
  • Modern machine controller for 5-axis simultaneous processing
FlexMill 5x – The ultra-precision 5-axis machining center for micro-machining

FlexMill 5x product flyer

Laser machining