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I’m not quite sure what an apprenticeship is really like. How do I know which one is the right one for me?

Don’t worry about, it was the same for me at first. But here at stoba there’s a great solution! Here you have the opportunity to do a one-week student internship, which gives you the chance to get an up-close look at what could be your dream job. You get a first-hand view of the great working conditions, the variety of different fields of activity and the great career advancement possibilities at stoba.

How many apprenticeships are granted each year? Do I even have a chance of being accepted?

Of course you have a chance – give it your best shot! stoba is delighted to receive any and all applications and will give yours serious consideration. If you’ve graduated from secondary school with good grades, you’re qualified to apply for an apprenticeship. Every year, stoba offers 2 apprenticeships. Whether you’re a young man or young woman, stoba appreciates the strengths and talents of each individual. I’m sure you’d be a great addition to the team.

Will I have someone mentoring me along the way? I’m worried about being left on my own during the apprenticeship ...

There’s absolutely no need to worry about being left to fend for yourself during the apprenticeship. Your instructor will accompany you at all times in your tasks. And your elder apprentice colleagues like me will be happy to give you advice and a helping hand as well. Just as you are there to help the team, the team is there to help you too. So come on, let’s do it together!

What will happen to me after the apprenticeship? Do I have a chance of getting a job with the company?

Your chances of proving your value as part of our team are excellent. We always need good people, and during your apprenticeship, we’ll find the right spot for you as well. Thanks to the wide variety of fields of activity at stoba, we have the right job for everyone to put their strengths and talents to the best use.

I want to learn something during my apprenticeship and not just be a cheap worker …

One often hears horror stories about the apprenticeship conditions in some companies. But if you do an apprenticeship at stoba, the apprenticeship is really about one thing – you! During your apprenticeship, you’ll get the complete experience in every department, with a six-week stay in each one. In each case, you’ll get a practical, step-by-step introduction to the respective learning content through an apprenticeship officer. I think it’s really exciting to immerse yourself in each area! And at the end of the process, you’ll know which area is the right one for you.

Can an apprenticeship in an industrial company really be full of variety?

Of course! Industrial companies are one of the most diverse and important areas of the economy – and you can be a part of it! In addition to manual capabilities and skills, we also place a lot of importance on technical understanding and spatial thinking. That was a big challenge for me at the beginning! At stoba, you’ll get to know manual and computer-aided machine systems. After your apprenticeship, CNC machining and pneumatics will be just as familiar to you as turning and milling. You’ll also be responsible for quality assurance. So you’ll be a part of a very exciting and diverse working environment.

I want to work independently and not only do what my instructor tells me to do...

I can put you at ease on that point. Apprenticeships at stoba are totally project-oriented. For example, every apprentice has the opportunity to complete one project independently. That includes everything from the planning, material procurement, production, quality control and costing to the final product. The objective could be the creation of a chess game or a model car. I think that’s great. I also had the opportunity to do my own thing.

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