stoba Customized Machinery core competence: Development – Consulting – Mass Production – Machining Management – Supplier – Individual – ECM Design – Quality – Education – Measurement Lab

Consultation & Sales

stoba stands for professional customized machinery with the all-in-one concept, meeting the requirements for high-precision, quality and cost-effectiveness. A wide-ranging, modular product line-up as well as customer-specific turnkey solutions ensure optimal benefits for customers. From the first consultation onwards, you will be assisted by an expert project team in selecting the right technology and supported through the end of the product lifecycle. This experienced team will work together with you to develop solution approaches and provide assistance in the following areas in particular:

  • Selection and design of the machine or system concept
  • Processing strategies to achieve the objectives
  • Discussion of automation solutions
  • Options for workpiece machining and fixture design
  • Cleaning technology variants for reliable cleaning and drying of components


Sales contact

Hans-Joachim Konietzni
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-136
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-036
Hans-Joachim Konietzni, Sales
Muhammer Kör
Head of Sales
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-138
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-038
Muhammer Kör, Head of Sales
Robert Schnitzler
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-137
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-037
Robert Schnitzler, Sales
Michael Joachim
Project Management & Sales
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-132
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-032
Michael Joachim, Project Management & Sales
Leo Lee
Sales Director Asia
+86 139 1326 2927
Leo Lee, Sales Manager Asia
Central Inquiry
Servicecenter Memmingen/Germany
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-190
+49 (0) 8331 / 98487-090
Servicecenter Yantai/China
+86 (0) 535 / 2138800

Service & Support

The mission of stoba is performance and dedication. If you opt for a stoba machine, we’ll take care of the delivery, commissioning, service and support. As long as the machine is in use in your production process, we’ll be there for you and provide support without delay or unnecessary complications. Always reachable, we resolve issues through fast, qualified service visits. stoba service technicians are trained by us and assist you with mechanical electrical, pneumatic and control software issues. They are your personal contact for all questions regarding spare parts deliveries, preventive maintenance, retrofitting and upgrades.

  • Service coordination within 24 hours
  • On-site service within 2 working days


Worldwide fault management – teleservice

If you require immediate service from stoba, you can establish a secure internet connection between your machine controller and the stoba service department. Within seconds, our system finds and updates a detailed map of your system. Worldwide, 24/7.

  • Assistance without service technicians at any location worldwide.
  • Defects are localized more quickly, resources used optimally and costs therefore reduced.


Process technology and user support

Our specialists are happy to answer your questions regarding ECM/PECM technologies or milling and provide expert support for your production processes. You will be assisted by experienced process technicians throughout the entire product creation process, from the planning stage to the launch of your system in production. The application technicians conduct the process development and initial sampling processing. In this process, the machine type, automation concepts, fixture design and process data are defined. In addition, we also offer training courses on the operation and maintenance of your system.


Service Hotline

Our service staff help you find solutions and fix problems before they have serious consequences. Contact us.


Efficient machine deployment thanks to optimal training – knowledge leads to success

We’ll get your employees, from beginners to old pros, up to speed with the latest technology step by step. We can qualify your staff with a variety of courses that can be combined individually to fit your requirements. This increases not only the productivity of your machines, but the success of your company as a whole. After all, qualified and motivated employees are any company’s most important asset. To enable you to use your stoba machine effectively, we offer a range of training programs for operators, machine setters and maintenance personnel. We provide practice-oriented, individual training directly on the system, on-site or – even more in-depth – at the manufacturing plant.

  • Operator training in the fundamentals of operating the machine
  • ECM/PECM technology and process training
  • Production process assistance when starting series production
  • Servicing and maintenance training
  • Robot operation training
  • Customer-specific training course


Our instructors are extremely well-prepared to pass on our knowledge to you.


Modernization for the highest demands – adapting to the latest technology

In addition to designing and implementing new ECM machines, stoba also modernizes older systems, including from other manufacturers. Our engineers and technicians replace existing machines or parts of systems with more modern and productive components, e.g. generators, machine controllers, electrolyte systems and much more.

Our Strengths at a Glance

  • Integration of current components
  • Adaptation of safety technology to the state of the art
  • Comprehensive, internal engineering for software, hardware and mechanical components
  • Expert execution of training courses, including documentation
  • Comprehensive service and support


Thanks to this approach, machines and systems can be upgraded to the latest technology in no time.