stoba services – All in One


For many years, stoba Sondermaschinen GmbH has been a competent partner in the planning, design and production of highly automated systems for electrochemical machining (ECM). As a system partner, the company develops and supplies targeted key technologies and can therefore act independently of suppliers.


Competitive advantage – the stoba Group as a component supplier

Within the stoba Group, millions of units are produced on stoba Customized Machinery. This direct feedback guarantees deep insight into production processes and the tasks associated with them.


Competitive advantage – stoba generator technology

Our in-house-developed ECM generators with various levels of output make it possible to coordinate the process power supply in line with the individual component.


Design and software programming

The mechanical design and electrical planning and software programming are conducted by experienced engineers in order to guarantee customers top-flight quality and cost-effectiveness. As early as the project planning stage, stoba employs innovative simulation tools that ensure a high degree of functional reliability.


Customer-specific customized machinery and system development

On the international markets, the rising requirements for product quality and durability are met by strong countervailing trends towards optimization of production processes and cost savings. The stoba development team has deep expertise in system design, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as control system commissioning and complete system evaluation. These capabilities enable us to fulfill even the most demanding customer requirements. Stoba has demonstrated it expertise in the field of series production with high unit volumes through numerous equipment systems used in the automotive world.


Project management and application technology

From the first consultations onwards, you’ll be accompanies by experienced project managers and process technicians This well-oiled team develops customer-specific solutions and coordinated process parameters while securing a high degree of investment protection.


Fixture engineering and contract manufacturing

The quality of ECM results depends in part on the fixture. It positions the work object in a specific orientation and geometrically maps the contours to be deburred. It can process multiple areas of a single component according to different requirements, or multiple parts at the same time. High-precision tool manufacturing with high-end CNC turn/mill machines and 5-axis HSC machining centers enables precise machining of components down to the micro level. Customers benefit not only from the high quality but also from the rapid procurement of drawing-compliant components such as cathodes and anodes. Other services include: 

  • Turn-milling for complete processing from bar stock
  • 5-axis micro-machining and micro-drilling with internal cooling technology
  • High-speed cutting speeds of up to 40,000 rpm
  • Modern CAM systems for 5-axis simultaneous milling


Quality assurance/measurement technology

Precise measurement technology is the prerequisite for the production of small precision parts. The climate-controlled measurement lab is equipped with the following:

  • Optical 3D micro-coordinate measurement system for the measurement of contour, shape and roughness
  • Tactile measurement of contours and roughness
  • Tactile 3D measuring system
  • Various microscopes and endoscopes for the visual evaluation of surfaces and intersecting drill holes



The company fulfills the highest quality standards for all machines and processes from stoba. Our objective is high efficiency and conscientious use of resources. Every stoba employee is dedicated to this goal, day in and day out. 

stoba Customized Machinery is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.